Finally - A New Website! And Logo!

It’s about time!

This new website has literally been in the works since the new year. It hasn’t taken us this long to actually design it - it was just getting around to doing it!

You’ve probably heard the phrase “The Cobbler’s Son Has No Shoes” - used to describe someone in a certain profession who does that service really well for others, but struggles when it comes to himself. Ain’t that the truth??

Anyway - it’s finally here, and live! And we have a new logo to boot.

It’s about time that the site and logo finally reflect what this marketing company has become and is becoming. I’m super excited to keep growing in Frederick and beyond. The website launch is just the first step of a lot of changes. We’ve said it on social media - August is going to be a huge month!

Hope you’re having a great start to August - can’t wait to roll out everything we’ve got planned!


Danica Vince Cruz